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Before the dawn the streets are mine. When everyone else is enjoying their last bit of sleep, I’m riding the streets of Amarillo with less fear of being hit by a car. I would love to stay in my bed and dream of sweets and video games but I know that if I want to get in a good ride with less traffic I have to wake up while it’s still dark.

Amarillo does have some bike lanes; and there are people who meet up and ride in groups on certain days. But those bike lanes aren’t as long as I need them to be and those groups don’t meet on days that I can join them. Plus, I enjoy the quiet, calm, cool early morning setting.

I can focus on my breathing. I’m able to hear the traffic behind me as it approaches. The sun is never in my eyes. And I don’t automatically sweat off a gallon because of the Texas heat.

Before the dawn, the streets are mine. You can drive on them if you want, just keep watch for my lights.